Collection: Trance Europe Express 2     Label:  Volume/Total via BMG (UH)

Techno: yes.  Trance: usually.  But most tracks have some beat to them,
and some are really very dancey.  

The only things I really hated were I(12) and II(3), but there's lots of 
mediocre stuff, so watch your picks.  Check out Disk II first, it's better.

AMBIENT: _II(1)_ (with Fripp), _II(2)_, II(3) (cheesy)

SOME BEAT, NOT DANCEY: _I(5)_, I(1), I(2), I(3), I(4), I(6), I(7), 
                       I(8), I(9), II(4)

SLOWER DANCE: _II(9)_, _II(11)_, _II(10)_, I(11), II(6), II(8) 

FAST DANCE: _I(10)_, _II(7)_, II(5), I(12) (stupid lyrics)

  (more inside)                                -- JB (doom)

Some good tracks:

II(1) - Kicks off with a gruff male voice "Let's go...", goes into a 
        solidly ambient piece with a cut-up symphonic feel to it,
        with the repeated sound effect of horse hooves on watery streets.
        Robert Fripp was involved with this one.

II(2) - Watery lead in, spoken sample laden ambient piece.  Something 
        about Tarot cards?  A male-female telephone dialog?  

I(5) -  Starts with slow, sparse repeated chords, gradually fills in with 
        touches of bubbly melodies, gets faster.  Some beat, but not dancey.

II(9) - Murky machine-like processed vox over rapid piston chugging beat 
        deep in the background, then foreground dance beat comes in... moody.

II(11) - Heavy dance beat, "tribal" collage.

II(10) - Weird noises, a clattering buzzing loop.  Beat comes in slowly, 
         and becomes prominent.  

I(10) - Kicks off with a sound like a rattle and a digeridoo over 
        a fast beat (which for once is not in-your-face).  Both interesting
        and dancey.

II(7) - Rapid electronic melody, long strings, buzzing tones, then the heavy
        kick drum comes in.  Decent fast dance music.

Note, this is "From the makers of Volume", which mean that this collection
comes with a very slickly produced paperback full of photos, interviews and 
articles, and maybe it doesn't go far enough beyond the usual press release 
information, but at least it does make one less nostalgic for the sheer
amount of stuff you used to get with vinyl LPs.

1  7:38 Microglobe 		Trust
2  4:32 Speedy J 		The Fun Equations
3  5:35	Analogical		Camillo
4  6:30 Paul Van Dyk		Today
5  7:27	Mixmaster Morris	Lotus Position
6  6:54	A Positive Life		Pleidean Communication
7  7:09	Salt Tank		Dreams
8  7:02	Dave Angel		Life's Little Pleasures
9  6:44 Eat Static 		Element 115
10 7:31 Megalon			Symbols
11 4:43 Pressure of Speech	Aphelion
12 7:42	Secret Knoeledge 	Afterworld

1  6:47 FFWD			Lucky Saddle
2  6:57 Scanner			Safety
3  8:35 New London School       The Frenchman
        of Electronics
4  6:41 Richard Kirk		Oneski
5  6:35 Pentatonik		Real
6  5:11 Pluto			Rockerfella
7  6:13 The Human Beings	Orbit
8  8:21 Pete Namlook		Escape to Earth
9  6:04 Autocreation		Justice Loop
10 8:30 Hardfloor		Reverberate Opinion
11 8:58 The Ambush 		Sun

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