Collection: Twilight Earth
Label: Timebase productions

This is an Interesting industrial ambient compilation (which
is not always completely without percussion or voice, but
always atmospheric).  Many of what I think of as the hot
names in the field are represented here: Vidna Obmana, Voice
of Eye, Temps Perdu? and so on.  It's clearly designed to be
listened to in one sitting, since each track nicely leads
into the next (you could swear the first three are by the
same people, they all have the same "Indian" percussion).
Every track is good, but the radio DJ on the go will
probably prefer to cut straight to the climax:

(10)  6:26 alio die - "the flight of real image" Long drawn
  out tones, rapid kind of wet goopy noises, the occasional
  call of a bird in the jungle. 
(11) 6:37 paul schutze - "all that was solid" Starts kind of
  jazzy, like Sun Ra on a spacey but anti-melodic trip.
  Midway through gets increasingly noisy, until it reaches a
  thunderously industrial crescendo, and a weird transition to
  some warped vox and then some quieter more conventional
  "ambience".  Wow. 
(12) 3:04 human flesh - "paysage marin avec oiseaux" A
  relaxing piece after the above: flute and violins achieving
  a simple spacey feel.  Amazing what they can do without
  computers nowadays.  

Some other notable tracks:
(9) 6:03 jeff greinke - "ancestral horizon"  Ambient with a
  classical string feel, with distant garbled vox. 
(6) 5:43 temps perdu? - "rano raraku"  Dripping/splashing,
  flute sounds, kind of native american percussion, ominous vox.
(8) 5:52 voice of eye - "vas tremens"  Sparse pulsing
  tones/drones with some nice subtle touches that take on
  weight near the end.
(7) 5:23 dino oon & knorad kraft - "the garden of friction II" 
  nice drone with a simple high melody, while a voice
  recites in a whisper.  Call this Gothic-Ambient?
(2) 5:46 vidna obmana - "the embrace in motion" long drawn
  out tones with a distant ethereal vox and odd uneven
  percussion that very gradually fills in, speeds up.

Not to be forgotten:
(1) 6:11 o yuki conjugate - "insect talk"  Heavy breathing
  on the beat.  Slow rhytmic trucking along. 
(3) 6:51 steve roach - "before the sacrifice"  Slow
  percusion, ethereal voices gradually predominate.
(4) 5:34 jorge reyes - "espejo humeante"  cool "organic"
  piece, using Mayan and Aztec instruments. 
(5) 4:42 hybryds - "orca (remix)"  Very nice, fairly subtle
  water sounds, whales sounding like teradactlys.
(13) 7:07 tuu - "one thousand years (Vasel Shevchenko Version)"  
  ominous, flutey.  slow percussion.

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Dusseldorf  Germany
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