Title: Ukranian Village Music (Collection)  Label: Arhoolie

A lot of people would turn their noses up at fast fiddling
from the Ukraine circa 1930, but that just shows how uncool
they are.  A real DJ could figure a way to fit this disk
into any show.  Mostly instrumental, but some have some male
vocals: 5, 6, 10, 15, 22, 24.  Notable tracks: 

24: Ukrainska Sleska Orchestra - Sweetheart Kolomyjka 
Oddly powerful.  You could easily con someone into
thinking this is Arabic.

2: Unkrainska Selska Orchestra - Newelnik (Prisoner)
Prisoner's Waltz? A sober, mid-tempo piece. 

22: Ukrainska Sleska Orchestra - Fast Polka
Strange squeaky polka that would go well with industrial
ambient music.

7: Samuil Pilip's Lemkiwska Orche - Daliwskyj Tanec
Seriously demented, mid-tempo.

10: Ukrainska Selka Orchestra - Young Folks' Kozak
Truly manic vocals.

19: Thomasa, Michala & Ukrainska O - Husar Dance
The monsters dance.

12: Pizio, Josef - Pidkamecka Kolomyjka
Sweet fiddle music.

11: Ukrainska Selka Orchestra - Zalaniwska Hreczka
Engaging monotony.

21: Rosady Petra & Ukrainska Orche Jewish Girl in the Village 
Operatic sweep.  Sort of.

8: Samuil Pilip's Lemkiwska Orche - The Fiddle Plays, the Bass

4: Orchestra Bratia Holutiaky-Kuz - Chytry Tanecne Cardasy
A kind of sawing rhthym, with complex emotional effect.

16: Davidenko, Joseph - Kozak
A more relaxed, minimal intrumental.

 -- JB (doom)
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