Zero Gravity   Title: Space Does Not Care   Label: Hypnotic/Cleopatra

Synth heavy, computery techno, with occasional industrial
touches.  "Thank you Robert Moog" they say, and that about
sums it up.  No lyrics to speak up, though some tracks rely
on vocal samples.  Pretty mediocre, I'm afraid.  Thank you
again Cleopatra.

1 "Time... In My Brain." -- Computery synth, voice sample
says "Time..." etc.

2 "Space Does Not Care" -- Short, fast, more serious
sounding techno/industrial.

3  "Mental Atmospheres" -- a long collection of music without
apparent connection.  Like a bunch of cuts crammed together:
(a) Nice sinister jungle movie lead.
(b) Spoken babble (Dr. Harrold Sherman?) runs under synth play.
(c) Gets kind of early 80s synth pop.
(d) Then goes into a dirgey ambient goth-industrial
(e) Vox loops fade in and out over this
(f) Fast bongoy stuff with synth noodles fades in.
(g) Gets more ominous sounding, as elements from all of the
above are combined together.  Nice finish, but it took too
long to get here (over 10 minutes).

4 "Interferon" -- cheesy synth bleeps over a wall of slick
fast rhthym.  Finishes up with vocal sample saying
"Interferon" over and over.

5 "Stonehenge Revisited" -- Fast noodling wall o' synth,
with a kind of psychedelic sounding chant sample in the

6 "NRG" -- Fast, repetitive, old school electronic synth
stuff.  Really Cheesy.  (A Forry Ackerman sample in here

7  "The Centrifuge" -- Mid tempo rock drum sound lead,
gradually transfroms into a zoomy sounding thing, spoken
lecture in the back ground.

8  "Precognition" -- Ominous, sci-fi sounds.  Voice narrates
the Hindenburg disaster.

9  "We're Tumbling, End Over End" -- Okay, fairly trancey
stuff... but the trance is broken by synth cheese.  Then the
NASA samples start to come in.  Kind of rocking sound.

Contact info:
a division of Cleopatra (!?!)
8726  S. Sepulveda, Ste. D-82
Los Angeles, CA  90045