The Sixth Day of Noise

The Day of Noise is a 24 hour event dedicated to live improvised sound, broadcast on KZSU, 90.1 FM in the bay area, and also on the web at

The sixth Day of Noise will run from noon May 13th, 2000 to noon May 14th.

The schedule:

Thomas Dimuzio & Scott Jenerik - noon
(electronics and organic industrial)
The Sunshine Terror Sound & Imperial Floral Assault Unit - 1:45pm
(samples/electronics/guitar - noise/drone/melancholy mood swings)
Compomicro-Dexall - 3pm
(vox, bass and drums)
R. H.Y. Yau - 4:30pm
(feedback electronics)
Philip Gelb, Hugh Livingston, Shoko Hikage and Noriko Tsuboi - 6pm
(shakuhachi, cello, and kotos)
Tim Perkis and Chris Brown - 7:30pm
(computerized sound generation)
Wobbly - 9pm
(samples and more)
The Manufacturing of Humidifiers meets Spirit Park (plus Matthew Sperry) - 10:30pm
(Dan Plonsey - reeds plus ; Randy Porter - reeds plus; Matthew Sperry - contrabass; Karen Stackpole - percussion; Ron Thompson - 7 & 8-string guitars Alan Brightbill - electric guitar)
Matt Ingalls - midnight
Six for New Time - 1:30am
(guitars, keyboards, gongs)
Benjie and Friends - 2:30am
(toys, ambiance and more)
The Machinery of Doom - 4:30am
(gurgle chime whisper bang!)
KZSU all-stars - 7:30am
(Our DJs cross over to the other side of the glass wall of the performance studio)
Dave Slusser - 9:30am
(keyboards, sax, and/or ?)
Tom Heasley - 11am
(extended tuba techniques and lexicon processor)

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