perlnow.el - emacs extensions to speed perl development


perlnow.el is a collection of utility commands for perl programmers who use emacs. These commands are designed to help automate some routine tasks in the initial creation of perl scripts and modules. Commands are also provided to assist in running, testing and debugging inside of emacs.
Detailed documentation has been included inside the *.el file itself, using the "docstrings" that are easily accessible through the emacs help system (e.g by asking for help on a "variable" named "perlnow-documentation-tutorial"). Think of it as the poor man's pod (or perhaps the lazy man's info).

This documentation has also been extracted to this web page:
Complete documentation of perlnow.el
It includes installation instructions:
And a tutorial:
Notes for a talk on using emacs for perl development
emacs as perl ide
Some notes about the new release of perlnow.el, version 0.4:
new release: version 0.4
Some writing about emacs lisp programming (which uses this code as an example):

the code file(s)

Install this file somewhere in your emacs load-path:

You'll also need to have template.el installed.

Put these in your ~/.templates location:

Joseph Brenner, created: February 13, 2004 modified: April 10, 2010