Developer Notes

Some adventures in software development...


Using Graphviz to automatically generate diagrams of schemas for databases such as Postgresql:
Random selection for esthetic purposes (e.g. a series of "random" images):
Esthetic Randomness
A talk about using a perl test framework on external processes, including GUI code (e.g. the "colors" method of Image::Magick and the experimental Image::BoxFind module):
Using Perl to Test Everything
Slides for a lightning talk about hacking files of constant definitions:
Constant Amusement
A lightning talk in progress:
What I like about Object-Oriented Programming
An introduction to the perl debugger:
An Introduction to the Perl Debugger
Once around the block with the current crop of pod to html converters (a recommendation for Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch).
Pod to Html
Example of a quick, no-brainer method of getting data persistance via a tied hash:
Simple Tied Hashes


Version Control
The Joys of RCS (with vc.el)
Piecing together a simple system using timeclock and timeclock-x for:
Time Tracking in Emacs


Debian Linux
Two-Faced: Setting up a Simple Linux Firewall
System Administration in Self-Defense: Disk Backup Strategies

Emacs Lisp

A table of elisp constructs that are roughly equivalent to some perl constructs:
Emacs Lisp for Perl Programmers
Also some slight criticisms of emacs lisp can be found here:
The Whinery
A GNU emacs extension for editing "rectangular paragraphs"
A series of three articles on writing customized user input routines with tailored auto-completion behavior:
Prompting for new file creation, part 1
Prompting for new file creation, part 2
Prompting for new file creation, part 3
As an example, these use the "perlnow.el" package that I wrote:

Joseph Brenner, 17 Oct 2016