Developer Notes

Some adventures in software development...


Unicode and Everything (Perl, Javascript, Ruby, Python, DBs, web browsers...).
Slides and additional notes from an SF Perl talk given on March 3, 2014:
Unicode and Everything
Using Graphviz to automatically generate diagrams of schemas for databases such as Postgresql:
Random selection for esthetic purposes (e.g. a series of "random" images):
Esthetic Randomness
A talk about using a perl test framework on external processes, including GUI code
(e.g. the "colors" method of Image::Magick and the experimental Image::BoxFind module):
Using Perl to Test Everything
A pair of related short talks:
(1) A perl technique for doing global finds and replies where you need to keep track of what was changes.
(2) An (as yet, hypothetical) perl project that would allow string operations with arbitrary text properties assigned to any character.
s{ ... }{ ... pos ... }eg
Slides for a lightning talk about hacking files of constant definitions:
Constant Amusement
A lightning talk in progress:
What I like about Object-Oriented Programming
An introduction to the perl debugger (written in the perl 5.6 era):
An Introduction to the Perl Debugger
Once around the block with the current crop of pod to html converters (a recommendation for Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch).
Pod to Html
Example of a quick, no-brainer method of getting data persistance via a tied hash:
Simple Tied Hashes


Version Control
The Joys of RCS (with vc.el)
Piecing together a simple system using timeclock and timeclock-x for:
Time Tracking in Emacs


Debian Linux
Two-Faced: Setting up a Simple Linux Firewall
System Administration in Self-Defense: Disk Backup Strategies

Emacs Lisp

A table of elisp constructs that are roughly equivalent to some perl constructs that seem more familiar (at least to me):
Emacs Lisp for Perl Programmers
Also some slight criticisms of emacs lisp can be found here:
The Whinery
A series of three articles on writing customized user input routines with tailored auto-completion behavior:
Prompting for new file creation, part 1
Prompting for new file creation, part 2
Prompting for new file creation, part 3
As an example, these use the "perlnow.el" package that I wrote:

Joseph Brenner, March 16, 2014