July 30 - October 9, 2018 
"The element of the wonderful is                     ARISTOTLE_POETICS
required in Tragedy. The irrational,                               
on which the wonderful depends for      Aristotle gives a nod to Epic poetry,
its chief effects, has wider scope      admitting it's stronger at some things.
in Epic poetry, because there the                                  
person acting is not seen."               I might translate this wonderful/
                                          irrational concept as "fantastic
 "-- the person acting is not seen"?                               
                                                   The novel often seems like
 That's a funny claim on                           a stronger vehicle for
 Aristotle's part.  The                            science fiction, because they
 idea is you can get away    Or could it be        have more room to develop the
 with faking stuff if you    that he's making      fantastic--     
 don't actually see          the point that the                    
 people going through the    special effects          But then, *most* of the
 motions on-stage?           are easier when          fantastic elements
                             purely imaginary?        deployed in SF and
                                                      fantasy are actually
                                                      rather familiar ones,
                                                      which don't necessarily
     (I wonder how he would                           need a lot of exposition.
     feel about the whole range of                                 
     movie (mis-) direction                                        
     techniques: the tight                                         
     closeups to obscure the                                       
     overall situation, the low                                    
     angle shots to hide the                                       
     backgrounds, the rapid                                        
     cutting to splice together                                    
     disparate locations...)