July 30 - October 9, 2018


From Section XXIII:

"...the plot manifestly ought, as in a
tragedy, to be constructed on dramatic
principles. It should have for its
subject a single action, whole and
complete, with a beginning, a middle,
and an end. It will thus resemble a          Being a bounded line-segment
living organism in all its unity, and        on a time-line is indeed a
produce the pleasure proper to it."          characteristic of us living
                                             organisms, but it doesn't seem
"It will differ in structure from            like the one key thing.
historical compositions, which of
necessity present not a single action,                  And I know we like to
but a single period, and all that                       talk about organic
happened within that period to one                      wholes and all, but
person or to many, little connected                     really we're a cluster
together as the events may be."                         of quasi-symbiotic
                                                        organisms that have
   But okay, selectivity                                evolved into an uneasy
   and unity, got it.                                   truce-- and then
                                                        there's the stuff going
                                                        on in our bodies but
                                                        outside of our skulls;
                                                        and the portions of our
                                                        identity with
                                                        underpinnings in
                                                        contact with other
                                                        Us organic wholes    
                                                        have holes.