July 30 - October 9, 2018    
From Section XI:                                      ARISTOTLE_POETICS
  "Reversal of the Situation is a change                              
  by which the action veers round to its                              
  opposite, subject always to our rule of                             
  probability or necessity."                                          
I gather Aristotal means something                                    
like a reversal of status: A is on     Alternately it might mean something like
top, then loses, and descends to       an ironic reversal-- the action has an
the bottom.                            opposite effect than was intended-- but I
                                       don't think that's what he's getting at.
                                           When I talk about the "rule of    
In Section XXIV, Aristotle says            reversals" I mean something else,    
that Epic poetry, just as                  still different-- the changes the    
Tragedy--                                  creator makes to avoid excessive        
                                           similarity with other pieces of  
  "... requires Reversals of               art-- mainly, generic art.           
  the Situation, Recognitions,                                                  
  and Scenes of Suffering."                Reversals in the meta-plot?          
                            So maybe the            RULE_OF_REVERSALS                            
                            Korean drama                                  
                            folks are up on                               
                            their Aristotle    KOREAN_POETICS       
                            after all.         

    It's interesting that Aristotle regards      
    "reversals" as a critical requirement--                               
    it's certainly a common enough feature in    
    many plots, but I wouldn't say it's a                                    
    required one.