August  16, 2018
                                     October 19, 2018
You know, everyone always *complains*            
about Aristotle's "Poetics", but no              
one ever *does* anything about it.               
Except for the Korean television                 
drama, or course.  It holds its thumb            
to its nose, wiggles its fingers, and            
makes rude noises at it.                         
Dramatic unity?  Logical necessity?  Aish!       
      In Korean dramas there's a common          
      plot element where it turns out                                  
      that disparate people happen to be         One that they love: it        
      connected in unexpected ways,              turns out that all of the     
      purely by coincidence.                     characters actually knew      
                                                 each other when they were    
      For regular viewers that's long since      kids.                    
      stopped being a glaring absurdity,                              
      it's edging over into an expected                               
      genre convention.