August 07, 2009

What was Steve Yegge talking about
when he said this?

    "Larry has turned what was a
    gentleman's war into guerilla
    tactics. He consistently and
    cleverly (I never said he wasn't               GENTLE_ART_OF_PROGRAMMING
    brilliant) slanders other
    languages and language communities ..."

As far as I can tell, he's referring to
things like this Larry Wall speech:

         "More than that, I combined these cool
         features in a way that makes sense to
         me as a postmodern linguist, not in a
         way that makes sense to the typical
         Modernistic computer scientist.
         Recall that the essence of Modernism
         is to take one cool idea and drive it
         into the ground. It's not difficult to
         look at computer languages and see
         which ones are trying to be modern by
         driving something into the
         ground. Think about Lisp, and
         parentheses. Think about Forth, and
         stack code. Think about Prolog, and
         backtracking. Think about Smalltalk,
         and objects. (Or if you don't want to
         think about Smalltalk, think about
         Java, and objects.)

         "Think about Python, and
         whitespace. Hi, Guido.

         "Or think about shell programming, and
         reductionism. How many times have we
         heard the mantra that a program
         should do one thing and do it well?"