April 6, 2007

   "Larry has turned what was
    a gentleman's war into
    guerilla tactics. He
    consistently and cleverly
    (I never said he wasn't                 BLADES_OF_PERL
    brilliant) slanders other
    languages and language
    communities, and
    encourages this behavior
    in his lieutenants."
        -- Steve Yegge

Where does Steve Yegge get the
notion that there's *any* sort
of "gentleman's agreement"
about pissing on the other
guy's language?

When I got started in this game,
"structured programming" was going to
save the world, and Edsger Dijkstra
was making pronouncements about how a
generation of programmers have had        Perhaps, like most
their brains irreparably damaged by       "gentlemen's" rules,
programming in "Basic".                   it's only intended to
                                          protect you if you're
                                          a member of the club.
   The word in those days is
   we were supposed to give up
   on *ugly* languages like
   Fortran and switch to Pascal.

   Imagine my surprise that
   Pascal was one of the worse    It liked to pretend
   languages ever invented.       that there was no       It used the first
                                  outside world: input    byte of a string
                                  and output had to       to store the length
     I've long since gotten       be handled by non-      of the string.
     over the notion that         standard extensions.
     there's some sort of                                    Strings that
     magic syntax out there           In contrast,           max out at
     that will allow bug              perl was               255 characters.
     free, easily                     designed to
     maintainable code to             give you               Useful, that.
     flow from my fingertips          full access
     like bullshit from the           to the unix
     white house.                     underneath,
                                      faking a unix
                                      when there
                                      wasn't one