June 12, 2006     
This is what I'm after,                                          
this is why I do
what I do                When not playing
when I do it.            Bonzo Dog Band.

I play many different types of music,
but I want them to sound right next          "not just to shock
to each other.                                with contrasts."
I want the show to be a single                       MACHINE
recognizeable entity, though it's            
composed of different pieces.    
One method of doing this -- not the only
one, and not the best one, but for me a
good one -- is to mix other things into          MIXING
the tracks I'm playing: industrial
drones, locked-grooves, renaissance
organ, gregorian chants...  often all
with a 3-second echo loop layered on
top of it, so that everything is mixed
with itself...

With a slow hand on the sliders, each
track emerges out of this bright gray
swirl and then retreats back into it.

Often I have multiple things going at once
competing with each other, commenting
on each other, and the boundaries between        "Another Victory
tracks are obliterated.                           in the War on