June 12, 2006

One of the many typical low-level
problems for me:  I've got
instrumental music I want to
play, and yet I also want to
focus on some lyrical material,                Another problem:
with more definite meaning.                    doing thematic
                                               transitions between
  A simple solution: lead off each set         tracks that don't
  with an instrumental piece, then go          match musically.
  into the lyrical music.
                                                  One simple fix is
  The first track sets the mood,                  to blend one or both
  the later tracks deliver the                    with some other
  message; a progression from                     sound to change
  vague to definite.                              it's tone.

                                        jazz    + noise = noise
                                        country + noise = noise

                                                       +  noise


                                            "Noise begets noise."
                                                   -- Red West,
                                                   Tue Jun 13 12:03:46 2006

      But contrarily:

      It's a little too easy to
      overdo the noise, to          BRIGHT_GRAY
      drown the sound in that
      gray muddy swirl.

         In the last show that I did,
         I found that Country/Bluegrass
         was really good for punching
         through the gray; that clean,
         high banjo picking really           And the humor value is not
         surges up out of the murk           unappreciated either...
         to give it an identifiable          though it's a pretty obvious
         sound again                         kind of humor (that shock of
                                             contrasts again).

             Often I add noise to tone down
             the slick, trite quality of
             a piece...

               But sometimes it's useful to
               add something back in that
               can counter the noise.