July 30, 2018
In S.N. Butcher's commentary on Aristotle's
"Poetics", he discusses the attitude toward
The Arts on display in Plato's Republic:          ARISTOTLE_POETICS

  For Plato, reality is a shadow of an
  unseen ideal realm, and art is a mere
  imitation of the real, hence it's two
  steps removed, a shadow of a shadow.

But then, art is itself a real phenomena,
it's something that human beings engage in,         And art *can* be a
in the real world.                                  distorted reflection
                                                    of the real, but it
And I see that Aristotle in "The Poetics"           isn't confined to that.
got there ahead of me:                              
                                                    You can start with the
   "Imitation, then, is one                         medium, let the materials
   instinct of our nature."                         speak to you.