I spent the late 80s, and much of the 90s living 
in an 8 by 10 room in a group house in Palo Alto.       LUCK 

I slept on a matress on the floor, under a plywood 
and two by four loft, that was piled with a desk, 
bookshelves, etc. 

People's reactions to seeing my            I was once giving           
room were very interesting.                someone else's dinner       
                                           guest a tour around the     
   A common theme was "Um, what would      house, and (as usual)       
   happen here in an earthquake?"          ended up with my room.      
   Another was "You're not interested        I mentioned in            
   in sleeping with any claustrophobic       passing, that recently    
   women, I see."                            it had occured to me      
                                             that when I was a kid     
                                             I used to do things       
                                             like put cardboard        
                                             refrigerator boxes on     
                                             top of my bed --          
                                             evidentally I like        
                                             being in tight spaces.    
                                             She didn't get the joke.  
                                             She said: "I wouldn't     
                                             tell that to just anyone."
                                                Normal people.         
                                                You got to love them.  
                                                Or not.