This is (briefly) how                    
the original doomfile                       I once wrote an introductory 
was created:                                level explanation of this,     
                                            but it was too long to want  
                                            to include here.             
I brought the fill column                            (Yeah, *that* long.)  
in tight, usually around     (The fill column                              
column 30.                   is otherwise known                I stuck it off 
                             as the right margin,              in another file
Working in auto-fill-mode,   if you don't know                 called "deep"  
I would wail away writing    your emacs speak yet.)            (as opposed to 
something.                                                     the original   
                                                               doomfile, but  
Then I'd try to edit it down.                                  later lost it  
Frequently I'd find it could be                                somehow.       
split into smaller sub-blocks.                
When these were more or less
written, I'd go into picture-mode
and use the commands to manipulate
rectangular blocks of text to move
it all into appropriate locations.

Editing these blocks once they're
in place is tough, so I added some
commands to emacs to move a
rectangular paragraph into a text
mode window, and to move it back
again when done.

Also, I decided to stick in a 
Local Variables table to default 
to picture-mode and case-sensitive