You've probably just done a search using C-s      To go back, use C-r
(that's Control S) on the keyword EMACS.          (Control r for reverse).
                                                  You might need to hit it
Here's some commands useful for                   a few times.
looking at this file:             
                 CTRL V and ESC V 
A double C-S     are page up and down.        C-g cancels a
repeats the                                   command, and
last search.    Cursor control: C-n           will get you out
A double C-R    and C-p go up and             of most anything.
brings you      down. C-L centers                               
back.           the window.                       Sometimes it takes
                                                  several to kill a 
Note: a C-s does    C-L is also good for          search, though.   
a forward search    refreshing the screen                           
that proceeds       if some glitch screws     
from the cursor     up the display.      
location.  If it                         
"fails", try                             
hitting C-s                A cool technique:  
again,                     C-s C-w snags the  
immediately to             word out from      
force a                    under the cursor   
"wrapped" search           and searches for   
from the                   the next occurence.

Now, I suggest hitting C-R several times to jump back to 
where you came from.  Alternately, you might want to try doing 
a C-S DEEP_GNU to see some more stuff about emacs.