June 15, 1993

So, I started the doomfile with this kind of stuff: 
  But I know what to do about             DESPERATE 
  it.  Make some more money,                  
  buy a new car, get some                     
  more clothes, get a more                    
  expensive hair cut, move to
  a bigger place...  All to  
  impress women I think are  
  fools for being impressed. 
A few years and two or three girlfriends
later, I seem to be in a steady relationship
with someone, and despite my usual pessimism
there doesn't seem to be any problems with it. 

How did I succeed?  A friend of mine points
out I did almost the exact opposite of
strategy above: I quit working for over a
year to the point where I'm flat broke, I'm
still driving the same wreck of a car which
is deteriorating nicely, thank you, and I
gave up on haircuts and let my hair grow out. 

I've almost achieved Pony Tail.