In _Stranger in a Strange Land_
Heinlein writes about a new
religion loosely based on many
other religions, but centered      One of the more notable
around some sexual ceremonies.     tenents:
Orgies for the inner circle.       "Thou art God."

                                    A fairly neat little philosophy:
The book was very popular           Intelligence, consciousness, anything
in sixties.  Among the              that can understand the statement
various social experiments          "Thou art God." is definied as godlike.
of the time, a version of
this relgion was actually
tried out by some people.
It doesn't seem to have
caught on, though I suppose         Heinlein publically refused to be
some people may practice it         associated with this religion,
to this day.                        evidentally consciously choosing
                                    not to follow in the footsteps of
                                    his friend L. Ron Hubbard.

In the novel, the religion has problems,
but _only_ external problems.  The
masses are outraged, the powers that be
are threatened, so there is an all out
attack on the faithful.  The main             (Perhaps Heinlein's reason
character is stoned to death.                  for not playing the new
("Look at me... I am a son of man.")           religion game?)

Among the insiders, there are no
attacks of jealousy.  No power          (Christ without a Judas?)
plays.  No disgruntled betrayals.

In the real world, the various
experiments with "alternate
lifestyles" of the sixties saw            It's been pointed out to
relatively little of the extreme          me that here I seem to have
degree of hostile opposition that         forgotten about the
Heinlein predicted.                       "war on drugs"; the
                                          harrassment of long-hairs;
Instead, they all seemed to fizzle        and the threat of jail
out due to internal pressures...          for draft-dodging and
because of the imperfections built        political demonstrations.
into the experimenters?
                                                 Actuallly I haven't
Like it or not, you carry your                   forgotten, it just
culture with you, wired into your                isn't the kind of
consciousness...                                 thing I had in mind.

                                                      So much for clarity...
               Thou art Mrs. Grundy.                  written or thought.