January 27, 2007

  Let me tell you a tale
  of Ben Goldberg's
  "Brain Trust".

  I periodically think about recruiting new
  ears to the scene-without-a-name...            IMP_PERVERSE

  There was a series of free performances
  taking place outdoors over by the Zeum
  (near Yerba Beuna, in Mosconiville),
  and one of them was this Ben Goldberg
  group by the name of the "Brain Trust".

  Ben Goldberg is an excellent clarinetist,
  who in general has a very straight, melodic
  style -- I thought he was an excellent
  choice to bring in some new people without
  much experience with difficult listening.
  Goldberg might play complex music, but
  he rarely plays anything noisy, or otherwise
  offputting to the uninitiated.  So I told
  a few friends about this free show.

  And in fact, Goldberg is probably one of the
  people responsible for the Klezmer revival, and
  one of these folks was a Klezmer fan, so I had
  high hopes that this would work out pretty well.

  The "Brain Trust" turned out to be a large
  ensemble that was really heavy on rock
  instruments, and rather than play clairinet,
  Goldberg was conducting the group by slowly
  walking around and whispering in their ears.
  They proceeded to play guitar and drum heavy
  slowly-evolving repetitive satires of Black
  Sabbath riffs.

  My friends left early.