March 17, 2021

As long as I'm discussing some heretical notions
about the way fiction works...


I might repeat an observation from some time back:

The "fiction is based on conflict" doctrine steers toward
a style of love story where the path of true love is
constantly rocky-- there are hang-ups that need to be
worked through, long periods of mis-communication,
or things may get off to a bad start-- an all-too-common
one is the male main character comes off like a jerk
because he really is a jerk, and the female lead has
to learn to deal with that and (possibly) get him
to tone it down a bit.

   On the rare occasions when there are scenarios
   that *don't* have this conflict, my own reaction
   is that I often find them remarkably affecting.


                     Another old example with me was a
                     short story-within Cervantes Quixote...

                               And here's a more recent
                               small example, the
                               female-friends relationship
                               in "Her Private Life":