Doom sub Galaxy Girl 03/28/95: Gamelan Every Third

An intersession fill-in show, where the idea was to play relatively trancey music without resorting to ambient techno too much. Also, I was trying to do on three cut sets, where the third track was always some sort of Indonesia/Balinese/Thai track, frequently Gamelan music.

Playlist notation

Background Music: Beaver & Kraus - "Filtering" off the
                  Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music

Artist:			Track:			Album:
Iannis Xenakis		Diamorpheses II		Electro-Acoustic Works
Mandible Chatter	Arcalumis		Hair Hair Lock & Lore
Gamelan Semar		Gending Tembung,	The Heavenly Orchestra
  Pegulingan Saih	Saih tembung		of Bali
Michel Redolfi		Immersion Totale	C: From Here to Tranquility
Urszula Dudziak		Choral for one		Future Talk
Pusaka Sunsa		Puloganti		Lolong Krang
Leonard Cohen		Who By Fire		New Skin for the Old Ceremony
Sheila Chandra		Love It is a Killing	The Zen Kiss
Gamelan Pacifica	Rain			Trance Gong
Manufacturing of	Afraid to Go Home	Dire Images of Beauty
{Bill Laswell/		cut 2			Cymatic Scan
   Tesu Inoue
Jack Kerouac		American Haikus		Blues & Haikus
Saluang, Rabab		Padang Magek		Music of Indonesia 6:
   Pariaman, Dendang                            Night Music of West Sumatra
Sun Ra			Voice of Space		Cosmic Tones/Art Forms
Yothu Yindi		Djapana (Knockout	Djapana sunset dreaming
			Deep Mix)
Grup Tanjidor,		Jali-Jali Bunga		Music of Indonesia 5
  Kembanf Ros,		Siantan	
  from Tangerang
  Sarna directed.
B: Keith Jarret		Prelude			Dark Intervals
Bad Data		Deep Freeze		C: From Here to Tranquility
James Plotkin		(swimming against)	7"
			Clinton Street
Pusaka Sunda		Bulan Sapasi - Gugum    Lolongkrang
{The Tweezers		Electric Servant of	B
Urszula Dudziak		Future Talk		Future Talk
Keith Jarret		Prelude			Dark Intervals
(and 3 Promo Carts)
Crash Worship		Muscolos		Triple Mania
Vartina			Maamo (mother)		Aitara
Orkes Kroncong Bintang	Wuyung			Music of Indonesia 2:
						Indonesian Popular Music
Splatter Trio		Sunda			Splatter Trio
Paris			Days of Old		Sleeping With the Enemy
Wayan Sadra		Stay a Maverick		C: Mana 689
{Ultraviolet		Full Moon		C: 50 Years of Sunshine
Allan Ginsberg		Sunflower Sutra		Holy Soul Jelly Roll I: Moloch!
{Rova			Floater			From the Bureau of Both
Bowie			Fill Your Heart		Hunky Dory
James Plotkin		Dead Soul Surfing	7"
Nonplace Urban Field	Pseudogarten		C:50 Years of Sunshine
Gamelan Batel		Tabuh Penyuwad		Wayang Ramayana