February 08, 2008

The other day, I was looking at
some "erotic" photo series based           FUND_OF_HEDGES
on a gothic/halloween theme.
                                     (Yeah, yeah, don't tell me
They had different models            you haven't done anything
working the same sets and            just as silly.  Welcome to
props: a blue lit "dungeon"          the internet era.)
with medieval-style
edged-weapons (and if any
thing, it looked even dumber
than this sounds).

These pictures were all uniformly
terrible -- except for this one set,
with one model, who could actually        I have a theory that there
pose with one of these dorky              must be a school in Southern
medieval axes and look half-way           California teaching classes
convincing with it...                     in "how to be an outrageous
                                          slut".  It's the only way to
So I went looking around for              explain why there's so much
other work by this woman, whose           weak pornography by women
working name is "Darenzia" -- a           dutifully imitating whatever
well-chosen unique string that            maneuvers they've been told
googles well.                             are the latest thing.

  Wikipedia supplies some                         Los Angeles:
  background information                          the descendants of
  (however dubious): she was                      generations of people
  originally known as a                           who weren't quite
  blue-mohawked punk, but                         bright enough to do
  has since turned to a                           detergent ads.
  "more classic style".

     Surveying the various works of
     hers one can sample for free on
     the net-- and there are a lot of
     them-- shows a rapid decline from      The one holdover: she has a
     being a gothic/fetish model to a       below-the-lip piercing, and
     thoroughly mainstream approach:        almost always sports a
     the hair goes to a normal long         trademark spike pointing
     brown look, the outfits get            down from her mouth.
     toned down, the poses more
     standardized... and her tits                 It's gets
     inflate.                                     shorter, but
                                                  does not
        All and all, a rather                     disappear.
        depressing curve.