September 28, 2008

Being authentically
authentic can be a struggle.

My attitude toward the
"modern primitive" style
of modification such as        Still!  Even after
tattoos, is that they're       major mainstream        On the other hand,
"cool" and sexy.               penetrarion of the      I'm sick of the
                               practice.               damn tongue studs
But my reaction to the
now ubiquitous boob job                                   Thank you,
is somewhere between                                      "Pulp Fiction"...
"who cares?" and
actively repulsive.

   Expensive, invasive
   surgery to achieve      DEPRESSING_CURVE
   a standardized Sexy.

      How tacky,              But what, *really* is the
      how shallow.            fundamental difference
                              between spending thousands     LOST_IN_BEAUTY
                              on a boob job, and hundreds
                              on elaborate tattoo work?         COSMETIC

                                 The idea that human
                                 modification itself
                                 crosses some moral
                                 barrier does not
                                 work with me --

                                 I'm not so phobic
                                 of technology,             MONSTERS
                                 nor so puritanical.

                                      There is some difference
                                      in style between the two
                                      forms of modification that
                                      seems crucial to me,
                                      however subtle it might
                                      seem to someone else.

                                         Possibly: a display of
                                         individuality, vs. a      The themes
                                         desire to match a         of tattoos
                                         standard form.            may indeed
                                                                   run in
                Notably, I have a little                           grooves,
                more respect for women                             but there's
                who've gone all the way                            clearly
                into a thoroughly absurd                           more variety
                Big Tit look -- I once                             there than
                saw a woman who was                                in the
                literally sporting                                 fashionable
                soccer ball sized                                  boob.
                breasts, and my reaction
                was much more accepting
                than if she'd just gone               WRONG_BATTERIES
                for the basic D-cup look.