April  17, 1992 

    the meaning of the doomfile     

                        Is the Friday-night whining that   DESPERATE 
                        begins this piece about 
                        chasing perfection rather than 
                        settling for the merely 
                        Providential?                       UTOPIA 
                           I suspect it's about learning 
                           to settle for what is, rather 
                           than striving for the best that 
                           can be. 
                           Accomodating yourself to 
                           short-run imperfections 
                           that may very well 
                           change in the long run. 
Still, it could be worth            It's about personal limitations, 
some time to think about            not an ultimate, final           
possible ideal endings,             constraint on the fate of        
even if achieving them              humanity.                        
seems unlikely...  POLY