Try not to get sea sick.

Chase it around and around,
look at at it this way and that
and still a third way if you
can find one.                      That's me: always
                                   looking for the
                                   third alternative,
                                   the third party,
                                   the third eye.
                                                           Then I wonder if
Tricks for                                                 three is enough.
Nth ways?

Look at two extremes,         (can either be
choose a "compromise".        definitely
                              ruled out?)
                                                    Look for internal
Argue against                                       contradictions.
the compromise.

              (Draw a line, then             Try to think of
              stand on top of it.)           special cases
                                             that don't work.
Thesis, antithesis,
synthesis, hoy!
                                                   If the facts exist
                                                   to settle the
"Ask the next question."                           issue, where would
    --- Theodore Sturgeon                          you find them?

                                            Calculate what can
      The Poet's Choice:                    be calculated.
      when offered a choice
      between two things                    Understand the
      always take both of them.             magnitudes.
          -- Gregory Corso

Try forced association with a
random list.  (ESC x yow!)

             Rezone.  Slice it up
             in a different way.                      DISSONANCE

Don't ignore the rinse cycle.  Clean it
up if you can...  But don't forget to
remove the soap when you're done.

Pretend you are someone
else you've just met.
Give yourself some simple                            EXTERNAL
advice, quickly before
the train arrives.             "Have you considered suicide?"

     Stop being so

           Maybe you don't need      NELSON
           to exhaust all the

                Perhaps there's no need
                for something new.

                Creativity is not
                an end in itself.

Apply a general principle and              Imagine a principle that
ask if it really does apply.               could exist that would make
                                           the solution easy.
                                           Does it exist?

Bill Griffith: just another
standard issue liberal
intellectual, and yet Zippy
lets him transcend his
limitations and get at
another side to things.

Invent your own Zippy.
Talk to him.

             Clowns.  Madmen.  Aliens.  Spirits.  Demons.  Alter Ego.
             Morton Rigor.  Bogart.  Woody Allen.  Virgil or Mussolini.
             The Randroid.  The Mother Thing.  The Mother Box.

         Just as Zippy arose
         out of the Toad, so
         must each angel                     "Turn your head.
         be given a chance                    Learn to see in the dark."
         to speak, without                          -- Rebecca Solnit
         proof of divinity.

         The true Zippy
         chooses himself.

The great advantage of the                  The great curse of the
hack writer is the freedom to               hack writer is to get used to
repeat yourself, to get it                  getting it wrong, to lose the
wrong several times before                  ability to tell what's good.
staggering toward getting it
right.			           					GOOD.

    First thought is best thought,
    let the movement of the mind
    provide the structure,
    providing there is a mind, and
    presuming it can move.  Or is         KEROUAC

                     If you see something you hate,
                     stop reading.  If you see
                     something you like, stop
                     reading.  Maybe you should
                     write a reply.

"What is needed is a gentler curiosity."
   Paul Goodman,                                  Why not put my
  _Five Years:                                    ideas where my life is and
   Thoughts During A Useless Time_                try to apply a little knee
                                                  jerk libertarian philosophy
                   GOODMAN                        for once.

  "Those aren't
  WINOS--that's my JUGGLER,
  my AERIALIST,                  The latext novel.
  my SWORD SWALLOWER, and        The rubber text, the
  my LATEX NOVELTY               flexibile novelty.
  SUPPLIER!!"                    Drunken => apparently
                                 pointless or absurdly
                                 exhalted, an extreme
                                 state attained by
juggling                         supressing portions of
black        with or             the normal state.  Other
boxes.       without             methods.  The deadline.
             dreads.             Three balls only, one
                                 minute for the quip, one      TIME_CONSTANTS
   BLACKBOX                      second for the spike.

Fatigue poisons.

silence.                                             Exhausting the topics not
procrastination.                                     possible if the 2D links
running,   physical exhaustion.                      can only let me go in 2
Other swords of                                      or 3 directions at most.

                          Fake it, then              Are these "graphical"
                          unfake it.                 links too obscure?
Maybe there isn't
any need to remove                                   The only cue I use is
the scaffolding.                                     proximity.  People
                                                     probably read through
                                                     going left to right,
                                                     and top to bottom,
                                                     then figure out the
     Try running the                                 logical connections
     word dissociation                               later (if ever).
     routine on *this* file.
     Go looking for inspiration
     in the entrails.

Really, while randomness has
a certain romantic appeal to me,
I think it's nearly worthless.

    I put much energy into
    breaking out of ruts, and                 DISSONANCE
    finding new directions,
    when really my problem
    is to follow through, to
    stick to it until it's                                   (May 14, 2017)
                                          Start with a direction, then wander.
                                          Not vice-versa.