The Machine 6/22/95: Vocal Jazz

Playlist notation

Artist			Cut			Album
Abstinence		Power of Radio		Revolt of the Cyberchrist
{Noam Chomsky		Corporate Media:	Prospects for Democracy
			Radio, TV and the 
			Information Highway
Randy Grief/Don Burke	Dismantling the Known	Fragment 56
Hakim Bey		Immediatism		T.A.Z.
{Intermix		Telekinetic Warriors	Future Primitives
Yeastie Girls		FCC			7"
B:			Cut 1			Trance 2
Tilt			Land of Fragments	'til it kills
Clock DVA		Two Souls		Sign
Ten Bright Spikes	V			Blueland
Ladonna Smith &		Secrets & Mirrors	C: Yearbook V. 3
   Davey Williams
B: Labradford					A Stable Reference 
Play Along with Doom feature
Christian Marclay	Pinata			Live Improvisations
  & Gunter Muller
Voice of Eye		Succumb			C: Invisible Domains
La Nef			L' Homme arme'		Music for Joan the Mad
Pan African Orchestra
B: Labradford
Grahm Connah Group	More of the Same but	Snaps Erupt at Purple Spans
			Not so Different
Crawling With Tarts	Lavender Bobby		Madeline
Shadowy Men on A	cut 16 and 17		Sport Fishin'
   Shadowy Planet
David Krakauer					Klezmer Madness
  & The Krakauer Trio

45 Minute Set of Vocal Jazz
Billie Holiday		Now They Call It	Billie Holiday Story V. II
Vacuum Tree Head	The Bucket		Oob eye works
Steve Beresford		Let's Get Cynical	Signals for Teas
Jack Kerouac &		On the Road & Visions	
   Steve Martin		of Cody
Gil Scott-Heron		Western Sunrise		Midnight Band:
   & Brian Jackson				The First Minute of 
						a New Day
Broun Felinnis		Fair			TAPE: Broun Felinnis
Dizzie Giillespie	Ool-Ya-Koo		"DIZ"
Ursula Dudziak		Future Talk		Future Talk
Biota			More Silence		Object Holder
Wanda Coleman		Death
Dog Faced Hermans	Lie & Swell		Those Deep Buds
Weird Nightmare		Weird Nightmare		Meditations on Mingus
Sun Ra			Everything is Space	Somewhere Else
B: Ursula Dudziak	Newborn Light
MC Solaar		Devotion		Prose Combat